www.petroleum.nic.in - LPG Transparency Portal for Indane, Bharatgas and HP Gas

Government of India had launched LPG Transparency Portal using which any one can check the LPG Gas Booking Date, Date of Delivery, Amount of Subsidies granted, Number of Cylinders consumed etc.

Using the website http://www.bharatpetroleum.com/Transparency_portal consumer can visit the different Oil Marketing Companies like Indane, Bharat Gas, HP Gas etc and check the Transparency Details. 

Consumers can check how many cylinders were granted to each consumer and amount of subsidies given to a particular consumer. 

Transparency Portal will help to identify consumers who are using multiple connections and this will help the government to identify and cancel the additional connection from the consumer.

Consumer can surrender the additional gas connection so that new consumers will get gas connection. 

Transparency Portal of different LPG Companies:

LPG Portal: http://www.bharatpetroleum.com/Transparency_porta
Indane: https://spandan.indianoil.co.in/transparency/
Bharat Gas: http://www.ebharatgas.com/Transparency_portal_new.jsp
HP Gas: http://dcmstransparency.hpcl.co.in/TransparencyPortal

Consumer can rate the Distributor which helps the Oil marketing companies to improve where it requires. Top most consumers can be identified using this Transparency Portal.

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  1. Not revs cylinder booked on 31.1.13 bkg no. 16434-8518047. Recd SMS on 6 Feb - cylinder delivered against cash memo no 1383. But cylinder not yet revd.agency not speaking .what a horrible state . Ministry should take strict action

  2. My name has been recorded as Salil Roy as LPG consumer but my name is recorded as Salil Kumar Roy in Adhar Card as well as in Bank Account. I want to know whether I shall get the benefit of subsidy through Bank Account by inclusion of Adhar Number.